Sunday, 17 April 2011

Spring 2011 Trends

The 70’s are back!

Tahari A/W 2010
Day looks this season are all about clean and voluminous silhouettes with earthy colors.  High waisted, wide-leg pants belted in, bow-blouses with bishop sleeves in silky fabrics, rolled neck sweaters with vests and chunky necklaces over them, hot pants and printed jump suits help you achieve this look. Accessorize with leather bags, belts and boots. Wear a lot of jewelry; rings, necklaces and pendants make a great complete look.
Night looks are all about shimmering fabrics and form fitting outfits. Disco inspired fabrics, ruffles, blazers, tuxedo jackets, wide dress pants, long draped dresses, low necklines and slits will make for a very glamorous night time look. Small bags with long straps are great for these looks and you can add belts to your outfits to get a 70’s vibe. To compliment your outfits add rings with bold stones and neat piles of bangles.

The women of AMC'S Mad Men
January Jones, Christina Hendricks
and Elisabeth Moss)
Feminine 50’s Silhouettes

These looks are classic; full circle skirts, cinched waists and impeccable styling. Bright colors and floral prints or stripes make these outfits very retro. Other options are straight cut pencil skirts, high waisted skirts, teacup length or just below the knees skirts with kick pleats or slits and classic three-quarter sleeve tops or dresses. To modernize these looks try adding sheer tops, blazers, trendy sunglasses, shorter hemlines, leather accents and modern hairstyles. Accessories with kitten heels, red lipstick, cat-eye glasses, belts, clutches, gloves and headscarves.

Biker Chick Chic

Burberry 2011
This trend comes equipped with leather jackets, skirts, pants and boots! Leather jackets get a boost with two tones or more, leather with more texture and accents. Leather pants and skirts come with a twist; mesh panels, zippers, quilting and padding. Boots are everywhere adorned with quilting, buckles and studs, find a statement piece and pair it up with your biker look.


The original anti-fashion movement makes an appearance this Spring.  This trend is somewhat similar to the biker look, but a bit more dressed up. Studs, leather, safety pins and combat boots are some of the main elements of this look. Studded boots, purses, tops and accessories are widely available this season. Look for Doc Martens, skinny jeans, leather pants and grungy tops. Think Hot Topic, you can dress it up or down as you like.

Some must have pieces this season:

Lace, crochet and macramé pieces; Tassels; Bellbottom pants, Capri pants and wide leg pants; Tail hem skirts; Striped clothes or accessories; Jump suits; Cropped tops; Cat eye glasses; Belt purses

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