Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Post Series: Muses

Muse: Heather Renée Sweet a.k.a. Dita Von Teese
Occupation: Performer, Model and Actress
Origin: American
Best Known for: Her retro style and burlesque routines
Prominent Physical features: Pale Skin and hourglass shaped body
Age: 38

          I find the 40’s and 50’s fashion very inspiring, back then women had an elegance that I feel is lacking today. When I see Dita Von Teese I can’t help but love her style. She is definitely unique. I know that for many, her style is very risqué, but I think its so fun and she still manages to be so classy. I love everything from her make up to her every day looks and even her performing outfits. She is very true to the old style, but finds a way to make it her own. She would be so fun to design for.

          Dita has an hourglass shape: she has a fuller bust, small waist and wide bottom. There are many women who have this body shape, maybe not as marked as hers, but that’s not her natural body shape. Dita actually wore corsets for many years to achieve this; she reduced her waistline to 22 inches. Women who have hourglass shapes look best in wrap dresses, cinched waists, belted coats, wide leg trousers, bootcut jeans, knee length skirts (pencil, A line and full circle skirts), low halter tops, squared necklines, fitted cardigans, cropped jackets and vertical stripes. If you have an hourglass like Dita avoid empire waistlines, baggy pants, tight stretchy skirts, drop waistline skirts (mermaid or trumpet), dresses and coats and baggy t-shirts or dresses. If you have a large chest avoid ruffles, bows, high neck and other bulky accents. If you have larger thighs avoid skinny jeans or leggings.

She was my inspiration for my Senior Collection’s hair and make up. Check out my models:!__english/viewstack1=senior-collection/viewstack0=senior-collection

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