Monday, 19 May 2014

LOVE FOR PLUS: Summer Wedding Guest Look #2

This June I will be attending a less formal day time wedding, so I don't want to be overdressed, since its a more casual affair.  My original idea was to go retro with an emerald dress I found in, but when I ordered the dress it was too big on me and the fit was not so great so I had to act quickly and come up with plan B.

As my main piece I chose "Woman in the Office Dress" from This little dress has a pinky/red floral print on a mint background with yellow piping detail, very Summer/Spring. The dress will be light and casual but with the right accessories, wedding appropriate. I picked up some light pink and white jewelry from Forever21, a scarf to use as a coverup and a pair of flats from

Since I am trying to keep it fresh and comfy during the summer, I will put my hair up in a bun and use a light pink bow for a cute girly touch. I will keep my make up simple using earth tones and shades of pink.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

LOVE FOR PLUS: Summer Wedding Guest Look #1

    Summer is a popular time for weddings and finding a nice outfit for a formal wedding can be a bit daunting when its hot out. Stick to light fabrics, soft colors like pastels and you are golden! I suggest that you also look for outfits that you can throw a light cardigan on for the more modest parts of the wedding and then you can take it off for the not so modest ones ;)

    I choose to go with a long dress from - ALMOND I EVER WANTED, an etherial floor length dress with a lacy sweetheart bodice and a beige/almond color skirt. For covering up a little, I will use a beige or white pashmina since I could not find a white lacy cropped cardigan or shrug at a reasonable price. To keep the look delicate I chose some accessories from TOP SHOP and Forever 21 that had a similar feel with touches of gold and pearly stones. For shoes, I have some old nude pumps, not too high, that seem perfect to finish it all off.

    I decided to keep the hair simple with a sock bun and my make up light by using the Urban Decay Naked Pallet 3 which has some soft pinks and purple hues (I got mine for Christmas as a gift, but there are many other similar pallets that are less expensive and work just as well) - There are millions of tutorials on youtube showing you some looks using the NAKED 3, a really nice tutorial by one of my favorite youtubers is this one by Cora @ (VINTAGEORTACKY)

The look is girly, youthful and elegant, but simple:


    I have not been the best at keeping up with the blog, but I want to make an effort to post at least once a week. I'm starting by making a new series called "LOVE FOR PLUS", since I'm finding some pretty nice websites with cute and youthful plus size looks.

    Fashion tends to focus too much on the slim/skinny girls and forgets about the rest of us. I work for a fashion company and I see that all the styles created are only focused on the missy (size 6 - 8) client and the buyers who purchase our looks then choose to buy woman size or plus size customers but when I fit the styles on the plus size model, they are not flattering at all because the styles were not meant for a bigger body like ours. Plus size design focuses on making styles that hide the bits we don't like or takes attention away from them, for most of us that is the midriff area/tummy area and under arms bit that we all love to hate.

   As a plus size girl I understand the difficulties we go through when we need to buy clothes. We find ourselves wanting to wear cute outfits that are trendy and make us look nice and its a struggle to find something we are 100% happy with because most things are unflattering, frumpy, too old or just down right ugly. I have the same problems for a big chunk of my life too until I found TORRID (TORRID.COM), now my holy grail of clothes. Now, cute and trendy plus size clothes are expensive, which is a down side, but the good thing is that there are always sales* and clearance sections on Torrid, so I tend to watch out for those.

   Recently I also discovered, I will make my first purchase soon, but the great thing about this site is that it has a wide variety of things for us plus girls and reviews are available for each style. Customers also submit their pictures wearing their purchases and the site has a "look book" section for inspiration as well as to see the fit on the other customers that choose to share. So far what I see different than torrid is that ModCloth has yet to get the sizes and proportions just right, but they seem to be working on it. All styles have a vintage feel to them and they are very cute, my advice is just to read the reviews before purchase, they tend to be helpful and customers as well as the site will let you know what is true to fit and what you need to order a size bigger or smaller.

    Other sites worth mentioning are first, FOREVER21.COM , they have a plus size section, much bigger online than at the store. I purchased one or two things before, but for me it was harder to find things that I liked or fit me well, so I'm not the biggest fan, but still. Secondly, there is SIMPLYBE.COM, which is a british shop online, I have never ordered from the site, since its a bit expensive and does not have a ton of variety for my taste, but I have heard some people online reviewing purchases and they seemed to like it.

   SO! Here is the plan. I have some Spring/Summer events coming up for which I need to purchase some clothes and I thought that I could share with you the outfit ideas I have for the events. I may just post the selected outfit including pictures of the clothes, accessories, hair and make up or in some cases I will post multiple outfit ideas for the event and later show you the one I picked.  My hope is that these posts will be helpful or inspiring to others.

*Signing up for e-mails will keep you updated with their latest offers, flash sales, coupons and other cool stuff.  If you become a DIVA you get %5 off of every purchase, see for details. (I AM NOT BEING SPONSORED BY TORRID)