Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Style Icon

          Ever since she started dating Prince William, Kate Middleton has been in the media and has become somewhat of a trendsetter, much like Michelle Obama became an icon in the US when her husband, President Obama was elected. Women want to look like her, companies made replicas of her engagement ring (Diana's ring) and some have even made a "how to" guides on the internet, showing women what to buy to look like her. Its crazy! She truly is a beautiful and sophisticated woman, nothing wrong with wanting to imitate someone like her.

          Today Kate will officially become royalty, and more than ever, she will be in the public eye, everyone in the world will be glued to Westminster Abbey. She has kept her dress choice a secret, everyone is excited and very anxious to see what she will wear. No doubt that after the dress is revealed there will be companies making the replica of the dress to go with the ring and everyone will be "Kate-i-fiyed" for their wedding.

          Everyone is calling this wedding the event of the season and lots of people can't help to compare it to Lady Di's wedding, so the expectations are high. I'm sure Kate won't disappoint, if she does, then "OH WELL!", let the luckiest girl in England have a happy day in the dress of her choice with the man she loves...and a billion other people watching.

So now...who will snatch Prince Harry? Gotta love those guys! (They really are equally as handsome in person! I got to see those beautiful men at the Queen's Birthday back in 2008 when I was in London, oh redheads...)

Here are some great looks we have seen from Kate so far:

Watch the Royal Wedding Online:


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