Saturday, 16 April 2011

Post Series: Muses

Muse: Florence Welch
Occupation: Musician
Origin: English
Best Known for: being the lead singer of the band Florence + the Machine
Prominent Physical features:  Really pale skin and bright red hair
Age: 24

If you have ever seen Florence + the Machine’s performance or a music video you know that lead singer Florence Welch sticks out! She has an amazing voice and a really cool style. She’s got a mix of styles going on, most days she is very Boho/flowerchild and others she goes into DavidBowie/Glam-Rock. I really like how many risks she takes when it comes to fashion, she is bold, maybe not as bold as, say, Lady Gaga, but still very adventurous.

Florence has a rectangle or boyish figure, this means that her bust, waist and hips are pretty similar in width, she has a very straight body. This body type can get away with a lot of things because there is no defined shape. Many women with this shape tend to create more curves with clothes. If you have a similar shape to Florence, try bias cut dresses, any skirt style, halter tops, skinny jeans, trousers with details on the hip area, flowy trousers,  tops with ruffles, bows and other embellishments, round high necklines, spaghetti straps, racer back tops, vests, tailored jackets, long tops that end at the hip and belts.  Some things that won’t look that great are very straight dresses and tops with dropped waists, big flares like cargo pants, super full and puffy skirts that put you out of proportion, if you have a small chest sweetheart necklines are difficult to pull off, baggy tops and tunics that make your torso look super straight and slouchy jackets that won’t create any curves.

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