Thursday, 14 April 2011

Post Series: Muses

Muse: Kate Winslet
Occupation: Actress
Origin: English
Best Known for: Her role as Rose in Titanic
Prominent Physical features: Deep Blue eyes
Age: 35

I’ve always admired Kate Winslet, not only is she a fabulous actress, but she is one of the few actresses that has never given in to the “Hollywood Image”. She is a curvaceous girl and she has a positive body image. A while back she slammed GQ for airbrushing her cover shoot to the point that it was obvious that it had been extremely edited. She loves who she is and what she looks like, she thinks that her flaws are what make her beautiful. I think she is a really good role model.

She has a very simple style, never over the top, but also never dull. I like her elegance and simplicity. She seems to be such a “real” person. Kate has a pear shaped body, which means she has narrow shoulders, smaller waist and wider hips or bottom. Most women have pear shaped bodies, what is recommended is to focus on the top half of the body, everything above the waist. Balance your curvy bottom with bold colors on top and muted colors on the bottom. Wear A line dresses or skirts, full or circle skirts, gypsy skirts or maxi length skirts, V necks, embellished tops, mid rise and wide leg trousers, puff sleeves, kimono sleeves, bell sleeves, shrugs and wide collars or lapels. Avoid tube, pencil, trumpet or mermaid skirts, tight stretchy dresses, bias cut dresses, skinny jeans, cargo pants, skinny lapels and small collars, baggy tops and slouchy shoulders.

Kate at the in YSL at the 81st Annual Academy Awards.

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