Saturday, 3 November 2012


Muse: America Ferrera
Occupation: Actress
Origin: Los Angeles, CA - USA
Best Known for: Her roles in "Real Women Have Curves", "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and "Ugly Betty"
Age: 28

    America Ferrera has transformed herself in front of our eyes. She started out as an unknown chubby girl with real talent. As usual people just took notice of her appearance before her skills, but she broke through and mad a name for herself just as she was. She was first noticed when she starred in the film "Real Women Have Curves" a coming of age story about a girl who struggles with her self image. After the movie she was casted in other films and on her own TV show "Ugly Betty" an adaptation of a Colombian telenovela. The show was a hit and so was America. 

Her transformation from Betty to America now.
     America, like many actresses in Hollywood, changed her image as she grew famous. As many actresses when they hit the big time decided to change her diet and exercise routine to slim down to fit in to the scene. She did however stay healthy, unlike many other actresses. If you look at her, she still has her curves and she remains a down-to-earth gal. I like her attitude and her sense of style. Big girls can take a look at her and get inspiration. She knows her body and knows how to dress in a way that favors her shape and shows off what she's got.

America's weight loss, before and after.

America in a modest Rachel Roy gown at a red carpet event.

America was featured in the cover of Cosmopolitan for Latinas in Nov 2012.

Ferrera slimmed down to a very healthy weight and she looks fantastic.

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