Saturday, 27 October 2012

Halloween Costumes 2012: Wednesday Addams

   Possibly one of my all time favorite characters. Wednesday Addams is famously portrayed by Christina Ricci in the movies "The Addams Family" (1991) and "The Addams Family Values" (1993). If you are looking for a more conservative and creepy-er costume, this is your girl. Wednesday is a pale, black haired, grim girl, who like her family, is fascinated with death and gore. She rarely smiles and her idea of fun is trying to find ways to kill her brother Pugsley:

Wednesday is very pale with long dark hair that she keeps in two braids.

You can do very simple make up, make sure to make your skin light and have dark circles.

Her outfits are always black and covered up. She is a little girl, so a black schoolgirl looking dress  with a white collar paired up with tights will do the trick.

If you rather buy the costume there are several options out there:

Adult Wednesday Addams Costume

Make Up:
Wednesday Addams Make-Up Tutorial

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