Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Street Style: NYC Summer Fashion

Summer is here!!! You can feel it with the heat and see it on the streets of NYC with all the cute "tropical" outfits. The streets of New York are full of inspiration, people really try to keep up with fashion around here, its important to them and its fun for me to see what they are wearing.

Here are some of the most popular looks and items I've seen this week:

Full lenght or tea lenght, strapless or with straps, this one is everywhere! Paired up with big bags and sunglasses.

In bright colors and florals, these cute little dresses are flattering and shape defining, in flowy silky fabrics, cottons and jerseys. You can choose between chunky belts and small thin ones depending on the print or color, your body type and what looks good.

These seem to keep coming back every summer, not short shorts. These pants are a comfortable lenght for different bodies and shapes. They look pretty good on most people and can be paired with flowy sheer tops with tanks underneath or button down shirts. Pick your look depending on the occasion.

Onesies are back! Really cute! These look great in small prints or solid colors. Most times these define your natural waist, but I've seen a couple with dropped waists. Adorable, great with gladiator style sandals or t-strap sandals.

Stripes are very summery, usually go hand in hand with the nautical theme of the summer. I love love love nautical stripes! There are many kinds of stripes, you just need to find one that suits your body type.  Try diagonal stripes if you are plus size and horizontal if you are a smaller size.

Flowers are big in Spring, but this year they have stayed a bit longer than usual. Most outfits I see on the streets of the city have some sort of floral, whether its the print or an applique. Small prints are a great option for most people, the look better with different types of bodies.

They come in a wide range of colors, in leather and plastic and sometimes even embellished with sparkly stones and fabric flowers. These are the shoe of the season! Comfortable and they go well with everything, dress them up or down.

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